28/Sept/2021 Andrew Davidson #PosesAndPoems

Poses and Poems featuring model Andrew Davidson. Alongside life drawing poses of varying lengths, there will also be poetry read live by hosts Jamie Zubairi and Marcus Reeves curated and selected with the model.


This session might be ONLINE ONLY as there are space issues at Lakeside, and until the Cafe is up and running, we were having to borrow other people’s studios, so if you are thinking of coming in person, it might be worth checking beforehand. I will release in-person tickets when I know the space has been secured. Usually, up to 10 participants will be able to draw in person at the Lakeside Centre, Thamesmead, while our online community will be able to join from Zoom.

The Zoom and the Cafe Space will be open from 6.30 for us to gather, settle into the best seats and grab a cuppa and get to know each other. Then the session starts at 7pm promptly.

The Model:

Andrew is a great model to work with and has been on the London circuit for a few years now. We’re so excited to be hosting his session for Thamesmead Life Drawing. As you can see from his images, Andrew not only does life modelling but photographic modelling too!

Please check out his modelling images on instagram:

Andrew Davidson

Many thanks and see you online or in person!

Jamie Zubairi

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