#PosesAndPoems 10th August Naomi

Poses and Poems featuring the poses NaomiGRQ. Alongside life drawing poses of varying lengths, there will also be poetry read live by hosts Jamie Zubairi and Sioned Sova-Jones, curated and selected with the model.

6 participants will be able to draw in person at the Lakeside Centre, Thamesmead, while our online community will be able to join from Zoom.

10th August Ticket Link

The Zoom and the Cafe Space will be open from 6.30 for us to gather, settle into the best seats and grab a cuppa and get to know each other. Then the session starts at 7pm promptly.

Naomi is a life and photographic model and has worked for us before online and zoomed in from Nottingham, both for our regular pose session as well as the Long Poses session. She’s in London for a short stint and we’re lucky that she’s been able to make time for us. If you haven’t drawn her before, please check out her instagram account:


See you either online or in person!

Jamie Zubairi


3 August 2021 #PosesAndPoems with Toni Ash

Toni is a dancer and performer, having toured all over the world as part of Boney M (yes, THAT BONEY M!) it’s amazing for us that we’ve got him this week. Please go to to the booking link below or the embedded Eventbrite table under that. Scroll down until you find the appropriate ticket for you.

3rd August 2021 Toni Ash – 7pm – 9pm

Please check out his Instagram and how other artists have interpreted him on his insta link: Toni.Ash

27/Jul/2021 #Lifedrawing #PosesAndPoems with Sarah Lowndes

Sarah is now becoming a TMLD regular for us, having modeled for us before the lockdown, as well as during. It’s certainly a pleasure to have her back working with us again at Lakeside. She’s a versatile model, with a range of poses and themes that go from classical styles to body painting.

Please check out her work online on her instagram:

Sarah Lowndes

Ticket Link at Eventbrite

LakeSide Drawing Group Week 1

Jamie Zubairi from Thamesmead Life Drawing gives the first class in Lakeside Drawing Groups free classes to the residents of Thamesmead.

In this lesson we covered:

Introductions to the tutors


2 ways of gripping the pencil

Shading Types of shading

I also reference Rapid Fire Arts’ video and use stills from it. It’s a much better explanation and apple drawing, so please go to their video for a better class! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WR-F…

tmldLIVE with Joe Perou

Because we suspended all in-person life drawing activities 2 weeks ago and then the Lakeside Centre was closed to the public, to encourage us all to #StayHome and keep the NHS safe, Thamesmead Life Drawing decided to go online to keep our practise going and also nurture our community of artists and models.

The first session proved to be a little tricky for me! My audio and video wasn’t connecting to zoom so poor Joe was receiving phonecalls from me to tell him to change the poses! Poor chap. I’m so profesh! Not. It was a little weird for him to be in a silent room all by himself being instructed by phone and not able to communicate with me apart from by phone. I felt so rubbish for that.

Once I was able to exit the chat, restart my computer and configure my audio and video to zoom it went much better and I was able to relax. I’m glad that the participants couldn’t hear me swearing at my laptop or watch my frustration. The final hour was much better and we were able to chat. Was such a relief. For everyone.

Something unexpected happened afterwards. I was able to witness all the drawings come through the artists’ instagram feeds with the same pose but totally different interpretations.

I hope that everyone had a relaxing time and was able to get the most out of it. I look forward to the next session on Tuesday with Françoise. Book using this link on Eventbrite. It’ll change every week so have a look on the instagram page