Classes Growing!

Last Tuesday seemed to be a watermark in our sessions. Not only did we have a record number of participants, with a consistently high number of returning attendees but also the sharing has become a chance to connect and really plunge in and get your vulnerability out of the way.

We’re in lockdown, nothing can really hurt us.

It’s been great for me to get to know everyone more and more and become familiar with their styles and their ways of working. Will Rajie’s artwork continue to surprise me? Watching Molly’s work grow is always a gift for me. And I’m doing nothing but provide the safe space for us to come together and practice our craft in a focussed and calm manner. And that is important for me. Too much of this period has been anxiety-making. Having this space is important for me. And, from what you’re telling me, important for you – even if it’s just to have a focus, a marker for your week.

The other thing that happened, the week before, actually, was that one of our regular American artists, Elise, had drawn an impression of us. I thought I’d share it with you below.

artwork by Elise Guillen

tmldLIVE with Joe Perou

Because we suspended all in-person life drawing activities 2 weeks ago and then the Lakeside Centre was closed to the public, to encourage us all to #StayHome and keep the NHS safe, Thamesmead Life Drawing decided to go online to keep our practise going and also nurture our community of artists and models.

The first session proved to be a little tricky for me! My audio and video wasn’t connecting to zoom so poor Joe was receiving phonecalls from me to tell him to change the poses! Poor chap. I’m so profesh! Not. It was a little weird for him to be in a silent room all by himself being instructed by phone and not able to communicate with me apart from by phone. I felt so rubbish for that.

Once I was able to exit the chat, restart my computer and configure my audio and video to zoom it went much better and I was able to relax. I’m glad that the participants couldn’t hear me swearing at my laptop or watch my frustration. The final hour was much better and we were able to chat. Was such a relief. For everyone.

Something unexpected happened afterwards. I was able to witness all the drawings come through the artists’ instagram feeds with the same pose but totally different interpretations.

I hope that everyone had a relaxing time and was able to get the most out of it. I look forward to the next session on Tuesday with Fran├žoise. Book using this link on Eventbrite. It’ll change every week so have a look on the instagram page

A New Year Free Event!

We’ll be starting the new year with a free lifedrawing event on January 7th at 6.30 at the Lakeside Centre! Open to any one 17+ years of age who has wanted to try their hand at life drawing.

The event will be free to anyone who has booked through the Eventbrite booking link.

A taster event for anyone in SE2 and SE28 and the surrounding areas who has wanted to try their hand at lifedrawing but finds that the classes in central London too far away and too expensive. This taster event is to introduce to you the basics of Life-drawing.

Drawing from life is one of the disciplines any visual artist learns to maintain their skill in seeing and interpreting the human form. Some people find that the activity is not only a new skill but a relaxing and mindful activity. Thamesmead Life Drawing was set up to encourage people – beginners and professionals, artists and non-artists – to draw and see the world in a mindful way.

The sessions are set out as 2 blocks of hour-long drawing sessions with a teabreak in between. The facilitator will be guiding the model and be on hand to give you tips and tricks to seeing and drawing.

1 model will be present to sit for us.

Light refreshments will be provided in the break between the 2 drawing sessions

All basic drawing materials will be provided but it is encouraged to bring your own sketchbooks and preferred medium. Drawing boards will be supplied. Please note easels are not supplied.

The event on 7th January is the first event that Thamesmead Life Drawing will be kicking off the new year supported by London Community Fund, Peabody, Thamesmead Now and Bow Arts.