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Week 1 – The Basics
Jamie Zubairi from Thamesmead Life Drawing gives the first class in Lakeside Drawing Groups free classes to the residents of Thamesmead.

In this lesson we covered:
Introductions to the tutors
2 ways of gripping the pencil
Types of shading

I also reference Rapid Fire Arts’ video and use stills from it. It’s a much better explanation and apple drawing, so please go to their video for a better class!…

Week 2 – Perspective
In Week 2 of LDG,
artist Sioned Sova-Jones talks about Landscapes,

In this lesson we covered:
What makes a landscape?
How to create the illusion of background and foreground
Simple perspectives and
An introduction to composition.
Week 3 – Objects from Life
In Week 3 of LDG:
artist Miyuki Kasahara talks about Still Life

She takes us through a detailed technique in drawing unusual shapes and surfaces on paper using fruit and vegetables as well as flowers.
Week 4 – The Figure in Fashion
French born, Thamesmead resident artist, Nathalie Coste takes us through the step-by-step of Fashion figure drawing.

In this session we covered:
The figure, step by step
The proportions for fashion drawing

Week 5 – Portrait
Lakeside Drawing Group Week 5

In this week we learned one way of drawing portraits using the ‘grid’ method.
Artist Dominika Kieruzel takes us through step-by-step on how to draw faces.

Also we learn a fun step of drawing from imagination.
Week 6 – Further Techniques

coming soon!

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LDG was set up in February 2021 and supported by London Community Foundation, Peabody, Bow Arts and Thamesmead Now, an initiative to create a community of people interested in drawing and art

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