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Week 1 – The Basics
Jamie Zubairi from Thamesmead Life Drawing gives the first class in Lakeside Drawing Groups free classes to the residents of Thamesmead.

In this lesson we covered:
Introductions to the tutors
2 ways of gripping the pencil
Types of shading

I also reference Rapid Fire Arts’ video and use stills from it. It’s a much better explanation and apple drawing, so please go to their video for a better class!…

Week 2 – Perspective
In Week 2 of LDG,
artist Sioned Sova-Jones talks about Landscapes,

In this lesson we covered:
What makes a landscape?
How to create the illusion of background and foreground
Simple perspectives and
An introduction to composition.
Week 3 – Objects from Life
In Week 3 of LDG:
artist Miyuki Kasahara talks about Still Life

She takes us through a detailed technique in drawing unusual shapes and surfaces on paper using fruit and vegetables as well as flowers.
Week 4 – The Figure in Fashion
French born, Thamesmead resident artist, Nathalie Coste takes us through the step-by-step of Fashion figure drawing.

In this session we covered:
The figure, step by step
The proportions for fashion drawing

Week 5 – Portrait
Lakeside Drawing Group Week 5

In this week we learned one way of drawing portraits using the ‘grid’ method.
Artist Dominika Kieruzel takes us through step-by-step on how to draw faces.

Also we learn a fun step of drawing from imagination.
Week 6 – Inner Techniques
Lakeside Drawing Group Week 6.

This week Thamesmead resident and arts and crafts teacher Bhajan Hunjan takes us into using our inner world as a starting point for the artwork we make.

Starting with images from nature as inspiration but also using the breath to connect ourselves to the marks we are making leading us into a more mindful activity.

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LDG was set up in February 2021 and supported by London Community Foundation, Peabody, Bow Arts and Thamesmead Now, an initiative to create a community of people interested in drawing and art

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