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We are currently holding weekly ‘Short Poses’ sessions every Tuesday .

Tuesday 7 September – Stephanie Ostreicher

Tuesday 14th September Manny Fantastic

Tuesday 21st September Sarah Lowndes

Tuesday 28th September Andrew Davidson

Tuesday 5th October TBC

Tuesday 12th October Nick Coveney

Ticket links are above, or directly via the Eventbrite tab below. Please select one event at a time. If you’d like to buy 2 different events please finish purchasing for one and return to this page for the other. It seems to be the only way.

Please note: There is another Name and Email section that needs to be filled after you’ve completed the payment details. Fill in your name and email and only then will the “place order” button become active.


Due to the raised issues of privacy of live streaming nudity and/or partial nudity we are observing strict rules about codes of conduct.


Thamesmead Life Drawing LIVE

To get the most out of the online sessions it is necessary that you have at least a tablet or laptop, a good internet connection and your preferred drawing media. Please send an email to be added to the mailing list

About the Tuesday Event:

It’s 2 hours of poses of different lengths:

3x 2 minute Warmup poses

1 x 5 minute pose

1 x 10 minute pose

1 x 15 minute pose

1 x whatever we’ve got left on the clock

Then there will be a 15 minute tea-break (get your kettles at the ready!) where we can chat and connect with members.

The second hour starts with a crazy 10 second dash for 2 minutes.

2 x 2 minute poses.

1 x 15 minute pose

1 x 20 minute portrait pose

1 x whatever we’ve got left on the clock

About the Saturday Event:

It’s the Long Pose session

3 x 5 minute warm-up poses

1 x 90 minute pose broken up into 3 x 25 minute sections with 2 x 5 minute breaks


The fees are on the eventbrite site. There’s an earlybird price and a standard price. This covers both hours The link and password will be emailed to you so you can click from your computer. We’ll cover the eventbrite fees so there won’t be any hidden charges for you.


I have been asked by the models that certain stipulations are adhered to:

  • There must be NO SCREENSHOTS/CAPTURE VIDEO OR DIGITAL OR ANALOGUE RECORDING. I must ask you to keep your video streaming so I can monitor the situation. Anyone not doing this will be booted off. This is important. Keep any recording to paper (unless you’re using a digital drawing tablet/pen)
  • some models may choose to wear masks – life modelling via the internet brings a certain amount of privacy issues compared to that of a session in person with a limited number of participants.
  • some models have asked for the session kept to the regular participants and that is for me to manage, unless it’s an artist/student that you know will want to come along.

To that end, I must ask you to keep your video on. You can hide your video ‘rectangle’ from yourself, but keep your video running. If I find anyone breaking these stipulations, they’ll be booted off the session. Harsh, I know. But there are privacy issues here that are different to in-person life drawing events. Similarly, we also don’t allow recording or photography in those sessions either. Anyone found to be doing so will be asked to leave. 

So far we’ve had good responses from the participants and models, and I’m really looking forward to getting us connected with life drawing. Who knows? It maybe a way of growing your own network of artists all around the world.

See you on the livestream!

Jamie Zubairi

“I wasn’t sure about drawing from a model online but tmldLIVE is a really good way to keep my drawing skills up and a perfect way to enjoy a couple of hours with a glass of wine.”

Greg Hannan, artist


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